dirt weekend

Kawayantech raced their bamboo bikes at the Dirt Weekend bike event held at Nuvali in sta. rosa laguna last Nov.27-28,2010. we entered two racers, Eng and Russ Chan in the cross country category and two teams in the 24 hr MTB race. our first team, Kawayantech-Nemar placed 2nd in the all male category, completing 116 laps around the 3.5km loop and our second team, Lagalag-KawayanTech, placed 7th with 98 laps.

Kawayantech-Nemar team composed of Ewok,Mark and Inan
russ chan in the top ten of the womens crosscountry category
KawayanTech-Nemar team with a very happy Boy Siojo
Levi Nahayangan of team Lagalag-KawayanTech with his engineered black bamboo MTB
Ariel of team Lagalag-Kawayantech in the transition area
Al Viado, the one who did the most number of laps in the team Lagalag-Kawayantech
Thanks to Jong Narciso for saving the team from all the bike mechanical problems!
at work
at play

Our bamboo bikes performed very well. The only problems we had came from the bike components.

bot and rene our bike builders

Tammy Villanueva with the twins Bixia and Quintin, dropped by on Sunday to cheer and give encouragement to the team in the final hours of the race. Hecky was looking forward to this event and we know that up thereĀ  he’s proud that his dreams for the future of bamboo bikes are slowly being accomplished.

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